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Marc Joe Schatz

This site has been setup as a public domain resource for sharing of information by those adversely affected by the closure of GI Combat Supplies.

The owner of GI Combat Supplies (Marc Joe Schatz ID# 800713 5010 08 7) placed the business in Business Rescue and then liquidation. He has since opened another similar business as indicated by the timeline below.

Matriculated Wynberg Boys High School 1998
Child of Alan Schatz
Marc Schatz was born on Jul. 13, 1980 in Durban.

It is entirely at your discretion whether or not you choose to do business with the above. This website exists as a networking platform for those who sustained financial losses in and around the above business.

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? Property Classifieds - Need more info?
? Vehicle Classifieds - Need more info?(2008/040653/23)
? GI Combat (2008/040653/23)
2012/12/18 Film Freight sues for liquidation (23125/12) 53 Film Freight CC vs G I Combat Supplies CC – Likwidasie (Liquidation) 23125/12
2016/06/24 GICS Went into Business Rescue
2016/07/20 Registered
2016/07/26 Registered
2016/08/11 Registered "Tactical Distributors SA (2016/348038/07)"
2016/08/26 GICS Went into Provisional Liquidation
2016/09/30 GICS Went into Final Liquidation GI COMBAT CC - CoR 125.1

2016/10/19 Letter from Marc's Lawyer -> Andy-IT Mail - OUR CLIENT_ MARC SCHATZ

2016/11/18 Latest letter from the liquidator Letter from liquidator

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New TDSA brochure can be seen here -> TDSABrochure
This was posted on facebook as well as a couple of notice boards -> Before wishing GICS well in the recovery process

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