Marc Schatz

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Total: R1,105,502.46c

Name Order Date Item Value Comments
Attie2016-05-1715 Magpul Pmags on 17 May 2016 and hade to pay up front for them4988.45Emailed them numerous times and all they sad was it has not arrived or it is held up at customs.
Johan2016-06-15Glock and other 3gun accessories1000Short supplied on a R2000 order.
Andrew2016-03-05Oversized mag release750Ordered to make the Brownells order cut off.
Peter2011Personal loans850000Money loaned to Marc started in 2011 to pay his staff, rent, cell phone bills. Then continued into GICS days, but money still lent on a personal level as he was dating my daughter. Lent to fund transactions and promised back upon payment of orders, but never paid it back. 6-7months rent not paid, lent him the money to catch it all up.
Lourens2016-03-04Condor products14420Never received any feedback from GICS
Quintis2016-07-19Condor and Glock items10540Short supplied on a R26k order
Central Private Combat Rifle Club2015-12-01Various condor and Tru-Spec products15400Paid, but never got stock
Vicky2006 to 2010Personal loans, Pre and post starting GICS10000R10k lent for various things, either towards rent, his previous business venture he was unsuccessful in, paying his staff, helping towards bills he couldn’t pay
Byron2016-02-18ATI .303 Enfield Scope Mount1190Various emails sent to GICS, feedback was that they had issues with the supplier and that they were in the process of getting a new supplier. Everything would be fine and I would receive my item in due course.
Jonathan2015-06-02 Magnum Cobra 8.0 side zip boots BK10584.79Item not received
Gary2016-06-01Bought Glock mags5500Bought Glock mags, never got feedback
Mike2015-11-01Bought a uniform2500Bought a uniform for Combat rifle shooters
Morne2016-05-25Condor centry plate carrier1830 I kept on getting excuses as to why the order is not fulfilled yet. Next thing I get a lawyers letter of business rescue. I am pretty sure they took my payment knowing that they would be liquidated and knowing that they would not fulfil the order.
Mahomed2016-07-20Bought 2 Pmags1550Order Placed with them for 2 x PMAG's - Total = R1,550 including delivery (they took my money when they already knew they could not deliver)
Louhn2015-10-27Bought a uniform2519.22Bought a uniform for Combat rifle shooters
Alan2012Loan to Marc180000Loan to Marc to finalize import of equipment. The equipment was imported and sold. Over the following 4 years the repayment never happened.
PERPC2016-04Ordered sample shirts for club members1900Port Elizabeth Rifle and Pistol Club, made a decision at the beginning of the year to have club shirts made and approached GIC. Order and funds taken, shirts were never ordered from the GICS supplier.
Clayton2016-06-082 x 30 round Magpul Pmags830Various emails back and forth between the order date and July when they announced their business rescue. I was told if I pay upfront then I can have the mags for the old price regardless of how much the exchange rate increased.